Ministries for Children and Families

Children’s Ministry Resources to Help Families Meet the Unique Needs of This Time 

One of the many lessons we have learned as a result of the pandemic is the need to be flexible and to think about new ways of carrying out our ministries. It seems that what we know today is always different from what we thought we knew yesterday. Yet one key thing has not changed — our children have a vital need to hear the only message that can provide a rock-solid foundation for their lives through the assurance of their forgiveness and new life in Christ. 

Northwestern Publishing House, our church body’s provider of trustworthy resources, books and media, is offering free Sunday School lessons to use at home.  Each week we will receive links to Lutheran teachers who are leading virtual Sunday School lessons using the Christ Light curriculum for the Old Testament.  You can access the first lessons (God Creates Man and Woman) at: 

Pre-K to K: 

Grades 1&2: 

Grades 3&4: 

Grades 5&6:  

We are sharing these resources with you with the prayer that they will help to meet the unique needs of this time as they help you reach the children in your spiritual care with the gospel of Jesus. 


Christmas in Clairemont/EasterFest

Christmas in Clairemont is a special opportunity on a Saturday evening to share the Christmas story in a fun and interactive environment. Crafts, music, and snacks are interspersed with the story of Jesus birth. Attendance is free and open to the community. EasterFest is a half day gathering on a Saturday morning to learn the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Children love the crafts, snacks and Easter Egg hunt. Attendance is free and open to the community.

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